Pascal teaches the art of makeup in his Academy
Pascal company strongly believes in the importance of training and in spreading the knowledge of its products; all training activity is handled directly by our Artistic Director and Make Up Artist Angelo Nenna Pintor who has studied some very interesting MasterClasses perfectly integrated with the daily work of our clients. The annual calendar of specialization courses also includes meetings throughout Italy to develop a constant update on new makeup techniques and the use of new products.
Basic Course
Basic Course  Bridal Make-up The course is targeted to anybody willing to specialize in bridal make-up techniques , also called “semi-photographic make-up”.  The course will last...
MasterClass on Express MakeUp applied to sales
Duration 1 dayDescription Indicated for beauticians or professionals who want to learn the art of fast makeup applied to sales techniques.A course teaching quick and customized makeup routines for...
Eye and eyebrow make-up MasterClass
Duration 1 day  Description A technical course for beauticians and makeup artists who want to acquire more skill in the make-up of the upper part of the face, with a special focus on...
Bride Makeup 2.0 MasterClass
Duration1 day DescriptionIndicated for beauticians and professionals who work with brides and are willing to update their hand and discover all the secrets of international wedding makeup...
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