Lay the foundation
The foundation is the base of a perfect and long-lasting makeup

Create your own colour and enhance your face for a personalized look!

“Color Control” because 3C allows you to create any shade of colour.

Based on your complexion and on the season, 3C uniforms the face by creating a CC personalized base: with only a small gesture, you can obtain a lighter CC for the winter or a darker CC for the summer by mixing the 2 colours.

“Contouring” because 3C is also everything you need to make your perfect CONTOUR by playing with light and shadows for a simple but perfect and natural look.

Thanks to the double tone, this product allows you to use the lighter tone on the points to be highlighted on your face and the darker tone on the points area to be minimized and kept in a shade.

To obtain a prefect result, spread 3C with the help of a brush from the 3C line, provided with very high quality bristles. You can also spread the 2 colours without mixing them. The easy-grip brush is practical and allows you to shade the 2 colours to obtain an incredibly natural result.

Available in 3 versions:

– Normal skins (suitable for everybody)

- Skins with extensive reddened areas (“cold” corrective base)

- Dull skins (“warm” illuminating base)



Personalized, coloured, cream effect: test the mix of colours (e.g. 2 dark puffs and 1 fair puff for an olive complexion or 2 fair puffs and 1 dark puff for a pale complexion), then spread like a normal cream or with the 3C brush. Contouring effect: use the fair part to define the areas to be highlighted and then the darker part to conceal or minimize excesses.


Ultra-concentrated active ingredients: Stem cells of grapes (Solar Vitis) against aging caused by UV radiation, to give the skin a radiant look. Stem cells of apples (Malus Domestica) to stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, with an anti-age effect. Hyalusphere pf (hyaluronic acid in microspheres) to penetrate the epidermis with microspheres that incapsulate and progressively release hyaluronic acid. Argireline (acetyl hexapeptide-8), a chain of 6 amino acids with a botulinum-like activity, but with no toxicity, contrasts the formation of wrinkles, particularly fine lines and photoaging signs.

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