GoodNight Kiss
Hydrating and soothing
Light and soft textures

A small gesture to change your goodnight: the last touch of love before the goodnight kiss! 
An explosion of active ingredients, GoodNight Kiss has been created to plump, hydrate, smooth, nourish the lips and take care of them. 

The rosy colour of GoodNight Kiss highlights and increases the natural red colour of lips without painting them: the will look more vivid and intense in the morning!


SMOOTHING Apply every evening before going to bed to stimulate the action of active ingredients on the lips. Also suitable for day care, as balm or lipstick base.  


NATURAL PEPTIDE (Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1): boosts collagen and glycosaminoglycan  production, particularly hyaluronic acid.. HYALUSPHERE PF (Hyaluronic Acid in microspheres): penetrates into the epidermis thanks to the microspheres that encapsulate and progressively release hyaluronic acid. ACETYL HEXAPEPTIDE-8: chain of 6 amino acids with a botulinum-like activity, but with no toxicity, contrasts the formation of wrinkles, particularly fine lines and photoaging signs. Vitamin E: antioxidant, contrasts the formation of free radicals.TEA TREE OIL: essential oil with a soothing action against impurities. ARGAN OIL: heals cracked lips, protects from the sun and cold weather. CASTOR OIL: protects from water evaporation and favour hydration. CANDELILLA WAX: softens the lips and makes them shiny, resistant and glossy.

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