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The foundation is the base of a perfect and long-lasting makeup
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The spearhead of the Pascal Laboratories. Neither a powder nor a powder foundation. Neither a blusher nor a tanning earth. Unlike the usual powders, it does not clog in wrinkles, making them more evident, but instead tends to level them out thanks to its lifting action. 
The special formulation adapts to your skin tone, smoothing it out and endowing it with a natural base colour. 
Water resistant: this is an irreplaceable element for ensuring easy and perfect make-up.

A wide range of shades is available: 16 colour tones to meet all kinds of complexion or skin problem requirements.


Choose the most suitable shade for your skin type, bearing in mind both the natural colour of the epidermis and the presence of any blemishes. 
Apply with the special, strictly dry sponge, or with the brush to obtain a highlighting effect.
Lifting Colour must always be withdrawn with circular movements, using either the sponge or the brush. 
After application, in the case of normal or oily skins, we recommend fixing with the appropriate Magic.


It is not a powder or a powder foundation, a blusher or a tanning cake, even though the complexion can be heated with a touch of darker nuance. 
The camouflagecover results obtained are excellent thanks to the Jojoba Oil-based formula, a mix of wax esters, chemically very similar to human sebum, so much so that it balances sebaceous gland production. 
Nourishing, lifting, buildable, it adapts to the basic colour of the skin; water and sweat resistant, it releases a pleasant violet fragrance, suitable for all seasons.

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